Yard Work

Spring is about to arrive.  My flowers are starting to poke through their beds and the anticipation is eating away at me.  I love flowers, I also love watching things grow.  It’s a lifetime obsession, that I became aware of at the old age of 6.  I remember specifically because our neighbor Dorthy gave me my own flowers for my birthday.  Six packages of mums to be exact (although if you want to get technical there were 2 in each container, so 12 to be exact). They were Ana Mums.  I was quite proud of them, and planted them next to my moms Peony’s.  I was much more interested in the Peony’s unfortunately.  They just seemed to come out of no where.  They’re process of growth was much more appealing to observe.  How they started out red and grew into stems that eventually formed tiny little buds.  I was allowed to help mom, sometimes, pick the buds off.  So, the flowers would grow larger.  And then I remember the day I saw ants all over moms soon to be lovely flowers.  I ran to tell her the bad news.  I learned from her that the ants were good for them. They helped them bloom.  So I watched the ants and the flowers, day to day and I still get the same excitement when the first petal opens on the first flower of the season.  I still have a special place in my heart for mums and have several different ones in my garden, I am learning still how to take care of my whole yard.  I planted iris’ years ago and was able to split them last year.  I expanded my iris collection last fall as well and can’t wait to see what blooms this summer, and how well at arranging them I did.  I’m, too well aware how often you need to rake in this wooded area.  I’ve already raked at least 7 times this year, this year most of my attention is going to be on the grass. 😦 not nearly as fun as flowers but integral to a nice looking yard as all my flower beds.  Hopefully, all my hardwork last spring and fall will bring me many rewards.  I love being able to have fresh cut flowers in my house and beautiful flowers to look at outside as well.  Let’s pray we don’t get another late frost this year, I want my peonies to bloom this year! And too many of my friends were disappointed my peach tree did not have very many peaches!

Here are some pictures from years past:ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage