“Nothing, good …

“Nothing, good comes from doing or wishing bad upon another.”

Maybe someone has done something or said something hurtful to you, but doing or saying something hurtful back doesn’t fix the problem.  I no longer feel horror when I hear of another school shooting.  I feel anger.  True anger.  Why is it that when people feel like their world is falling apart they need to rip apart the lives of others? Why? 

I don’t understand.  “Getting even” is not rewarding, it does not make you good person.  Why does the world seem to be falling apart?  With so many steps forward or world takes in accepting others some still don’t know to let things go.  Holding onto anger and resentment isn’t healthy for anyone.  I know I’m guilty of using poor words, and getting irritated at nonsensical things but venting is healthy. Let it out and let it go.  Let people know how you feel why they make you irritated, how they hurt your feelings instead of holding it all in.  Learn to listen.  Be kind.  Ask for help when you’re in need.  Help those you see are hurting or in need.  We all have a responsibility to make this world better. 


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