“It’s never too…

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”
George Elliot

I took a yoga class a few years ago, mostly to make my student status full-time and partly to curb my curiosity about the yoga. I learned, It was more about awaking your spirit than about gaining flexibility.  After a lazy break for way too long, I’ve recently began practicing yoga again.  One of the things I enjoyed the most, besides Savasana, was journaling our homework.  Our teacher would give us a quote to reflect on at the end of each class and require us to write our thoughts in response to the quote. I recently started a blog about sewing, and realized I have more than just sewing information to share.  So I thought I’d give a life thoughts blog a shot.  I am just an average girl who likes to have fun, spend time with my family and friends.  I sew, I design, I cook, I bake, I read, I garden, I am endlessly inspired and distracted.  These are a few things to expect within my blog.  

Keep dreaming.   


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